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  • Textbook-style display (Write View)
  • Math drill function
  • Constant/chain calculations - they allow equations to be entered without having to key repeatedly.
  • Multi-line playback - SHARP Multi-Line Playback function lets you recall the steps you have made (up to capacity of memory). This feature is very useful for comparing formulas and recalculating equations
  • Data Table in the STAT mode
  • Table mode
  • Home key
  • Statistical distributions
  • Matrix function(Up to 4x4 matrix)- In addition to the four basic arithmetic functions (excluding division between matrices), X3, X2, and X-1, users are provided with transpose and cumulative matrix functions, among others. Up to four matrices can be saved in memory, each up to four rows by four columns in size.
  • Vector function
  • 640 Functions including highest common factor, integration, sum multiplication and Home Button